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The fast reduction of green space, prompt us to bring nature living to city dwellers’ door step with ‘Living in the Jungle’ concept, where we rearrange our tropical jungle elements into an orderly fashion and incorporating them in the facilities and landscape areas.

Meanwhile, the wild mengkuang pandan (the original vegetation that grew on the site in the old days) flexibility and weaving patterns, further inspired the shape and form of the development.


The shape of the building follows the curve of the site boundary, hence the dynamic form.


The façade is expressed with the play of horizontal balconies and ledges which act as shading device and sound barrier. More solid balconies for smaller units and see-through balconies for bigger units.


We look at the most efficient ways to fit a 3-bedrom unit within a square footage that is affordable according to market value in the area.

We use time-tested brick and mortar, plaster and paint to articulate the facade to keep the construction cost down.



The site is located adjacent to Kampung Awah, Temerloh, Pahang, Malaysia. This village is located about 18km from Temerloh Town and 35km from Maran Town. It also a birthplace of the renowned Malaysian singer, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza.


The houses are catered toTemerloh residents who are primarily engaged in rubber tapping, paddy farming and aquaculture. It also offers a variety of jungle and wild-life experiences and popular for eco-tourism.


The site is surrounded by landed houses and even a kampung across the road without much existing views. However, beyond the site you could catch a glimpse of KL Tower and Petronas Twin Towers to the West and forest reserve to the North and East of the site.


Due to the nature of the site, we envisioned the development to be an inward-looking one. We were inspired by the oasis or oases (plural), an ‘inward-looking’ natural habitat for vegetation, animals and human surrounding a water source.

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