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Transforming Your Surroundings


Our inspired creations strive to create beautiful yet comfortable spaces for people to spend time in. We believe design can enhance landscapes, and this is the inspiration behind every single project SHAW ARCHITECT takes on. Check out our most recent projects below, and give us a call if you’d like to learn more about upcoming work.


The new office block is a node to different data centre blocks and also a meeting point for employees and guests to have quiet and relaxed  conversations before moving on to their respective directions. We want to bring the existing ‘loud and vibrant’ offices to a state of ‘calmness’.


The office block, therefore, is designed to imitate the intimate essence of nature. We were inspired by traditional Japanese houses that use natural materials and reinterpreted them on the building.


Yuki (DC5) is completing the four seasons,

春夏秋冬, in Japan.The sequence is as such that DC5 would transition into winter and future DC6 into spring.Each block is colour coded according to its season and distinctive element. DC5’s winter is a time of greyness and cold. Winter’s colours such as grey, slate blue, winter white and charcoal are used on the façade.


Winter in Japan is synonymous with powder snowfall and snow is made up of snowflakes which are ice crystals. DC5 facade design is inspired by ‘graphicalized’ snowflakes with overlapping of the company's initials that formed the monogrammed screen. The screen is further enhanced with different shades of grey louvres punctuated with golden expanded metal panels much like the setting sunray melting into the snow capped mountains.

It was on the cover of Architecture Malaysia

We were inspired by Shah Alam’s Green Infrastructure Master Planning.


The origin of 'green' triggered us to look closely at the cellular structure of the leaf, which then drove us to approach the building design metaphorically.

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